Lessons run from the 2nd full week of September until the end of May.

Fees are calculated yearly based on a season of 32 lessons and divided into 10 equal payments, therefore the monthly fee remains the same regardless of the number of lessons in the month.

Payments will be accepted by post-dated cheques, cash or email money transfer. Cheques are to be dated September 1st – June 1st and passed in on or before the last week of May. This is to secure your space at Music from the Heart . If you fail to meet this deadline, you risk losing your spot to other students. Please complete your registration form online.

Unfortunately make-up lessons for student missed classes generally won’t be possible. Lessons will not be made up for lateness, inadequate pratice, extended vacation, extra curricular activities, or social inconvenience.

Unscheduled Closings
In the event of cancellations due to conditions beyond our control such as severe weather. Lessons will not be re-scheduled and refunds will not be issued.

School Closures
In the event of a school closure, you will be advised by email if lessons will be on or not that day.

Scheduling Changes
There will be no adjustments in scheduling after the season begins in September. If your current time becomes inconvenient, you may inquire if there is an open space available. Please be advised that teachers cannot re-arrange lesson times due to extra curricular activities, including sports. Find out what your children will be involved in for the full season and book lesson times accordingly.

Withdrawal From Lessons
If you choose to withdraw from lessons, please give at least 1 full month notice so the space may be filled. Fees for piano, voice and group classes are calculated yearly and divided into 10 equal payments, therefore a tally will be done based on total lessons had to date and total payment made to date. There may be a balance owing or a credit given.

Please note: There will be no refunds issued after Feb 1st as it is too late into the teaching season to fill spaces. NO EXCEPTIONS

Floater Days
Teachers are permitted to cancel 1 lessons during the year which will not be made up or refunded. There are actually 33 scheduled lessons for the year. Using these floater days makes our season of 32 lessons.

Practice makes perfect! Lack of practice is frustrating for both teacher and student during lessons. The more advanced you become in you studies, the longer you will be required to practice. Students may be asked to keep a practice record from time to time. Failing to practice can lead to dismissal from Music from the Heart.

There will be 2 recitals per year. One at Christmas and another at the end of the teaching year. Any performing opportunity builds confidence in young students as they grow musically. It also allows parents to hear their child’s progress.

Admission: $10.00