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Registration Fee and Monthly Payments

Due dates for all registrations is always the first week of August. (10 postdated cheques Sept.1st - June 1st).
Fees are calculated yearly based on a season of 31 lessons and divided into 10 equal payments.
Therefore the fee remains the same regardless of the number of lessons in the month.
Registration Fee: A fee of $25 per student ($5 per additional child) will be collected with your first payment.

This acknowledges that I have enrolled my child/myself for lessons at Music from the Heart, and I understand that any activity which includes motion may cause accidental injury. I accept responsibility for any injury which may arise from such activity. If I am unable to be reached in the event of injury, I grant permission to Music from the Heartto give medical treatment, if necessary. I understand that I am responsible for paying for all lessons whether I/my child attends the lesson or not. Furthermore, I understand when payments are due, and will make payment on time. Also, should I fail to meet the deadline for registration, my/my child's space at Music from the Heart will be available to other students. Lessons will not be given until payment is received.